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Mold remediation in Birmingham, AL has never been easier. Black mold can be an endless nightmare. It poses serious health risks and devalues your property. In the past, removing black mold usually meant and expensive tear-out and rebuild that takes weeks. Now we can eliminate your mold issues in just hours with our patented demolition-free, dry fogging process. This mold remediation process is faster, easier, and more affordable than any other solution in the Birmingham, Alabama area!
Quick & Affordable

We offer Birmingham, Alabama’s most affordable, professional mold testing. We only charge you for the lab fees - the assessment and sample collection is free. Our low-cost testing give you a picture of what your indoor air quality looks like. All testing is performed by an independent, nationally accredited IAQ laboratory for maximum accuracy.


Eliminate all the mold in your home in less than 12 hours with our proprietary dry fogging process. Because demolition and restoration aren’t necessary, we save you thousands. What's more, our patented dry fog technology is EPA-registered and non-toxic, meaning it's absolutely family and pet friendly. Results 100% guaranteed.

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Traditional black mold remediation can take weeks. Our demolition-free, mold-killing treatment allows us to ‘dry fog’ your entire home in 4-6 hours, so by evening time it’s business as usual. No prep work or post-clean up is required.

In most instances, our mobile units can be on site within 24 hours because we know fast treatment is critical if your home is on the market or if mold is disrupting your business.

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We Save you

Serious Money

Conventional mold remediation can require extensive demolition and restoration, and cost tens of thousands. With our dry-fogging process it’s a completely different story. In the vast majority of cases, we can eliminate your mold problem without the need for costly tear-outs and rebuilding/ redecoration work. Put those savings toward something more exciting like an upgrade on your home or business.

patented Dry Fog technology

Non-Toxic Mold Removal

Black mold can be resilient and aggressive. Demolition, air purifiers, and other conventional methods are limited in their ability to reach and remove all mold. With our unique dry fog technology, we get deep and total coverage throughout your entire home, including HVAC systems, air ducts, attics, and crawl spaces so the mold has nowhere left to hide – even airborne mold spores. Our mold remediation treatment is also equally effective at killing bacteria and viruses at the same time. The bottom line: you’ll pass a mold test with flying colors after we complete treatment. And unlike other mold companies, we also warranty our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as long as all water issues are resolved at the time of treatment.

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Home Owners
Nothing is worse than finding out you have a black mold problem. If you’ve done any research you know that taking care of it can start in the $15,000-$20,000 range. This can be disastrous, if it’s not covered by insurance. Fortunately, we can do remediate mold for less than $2500 making it easy to protect your family and one of your biggest investments.
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The last thing you need is having a surprise mold problem preventing a buyer or seller from closing on a home. Real estate agents love us because we can take care of the problem in less than 12 hours, turning a deal-breaker into a minor speed bump. And we keep everybody happy by doing it at a price point that doesn’t derail the sale.
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Health Professionals
Mold-related illnesses can become next to impossible to treat, if constant re-exposure to unhealthy levels of mold keep occurring at home. Health professionals trust us and recommend us as a critical step for patient care because we eradicate mold like no one else can. The difference we’ve made in the quality of life of our customers is one of the things we’re most proud of.
How does Pure Maintenance of Alabama demolition-free, mold remediation work? And why is it so effective?

it's all powered by our 2-step

Advanced Dry Fog Technology

Our propreietary mold Remediation process uses two-step system to create a safe, non-toxic ‘cloud’ that fills and penetrated every critical surface in your home, commercial, or industrial space. This ‘dry cloud’ is comprised of microscopic particules that kill everything from black mold fungui to bacteria and viruses on contact – without leaving any wet residue. After the mold treatment, you’ll pass a mold test, no problem

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The Sterilant:

InstaPURE Process

Step 1: First we apply InstaPure, an EPA-approved sterilant that denatures or safely kills all mold spores, fungi, bacteria, and viruses it comes in contact with. Containing tiny disinfectant particles that measure only a few microns, InstaPURE can permeate the hardest to reach places without damaging any surfaces. And although deadly to mold, it’s safe enough to be FDA-approved for food contact.

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The Protection:

EverPURE Process

Step 2: Once we eleminate all the mold present in your home or property, we lay down a microbiological barrier called EverPURE that prevents against future mold growth. This advanced technology provides long-term mold protection and allows us to provide a warranty no other mold comapany can.

customer testimonials

We had to evacuate the house because we were all sick. Additionally, we got a $15,000 bid from the previous remediation company, which was more than our insurance would cover. I can't thank them enough for giving me a safe home to live in again. And at only a fraction of the cost with a much, much better treatment service!!

Jessica Grande

They did an excellent job removing the mold from our home. Their process and technology is the best I have found in all my research on mold Remediation. By far the cheapest and most efficient method I have found. They took our mold count form 13,000 to less than 100, in a matter of hours. the moldy smell was gone immediately. I loved my experience.

Jessica Grande

They came on time, performed the service, and killed my mold. They were less than half of what the other mold remediation companies quoted me and I didn't have to rebuild. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Ethan Johns

Unparalleled Airborne & Surface Contaminant Sanitization

Rigorously tested and proven safe by industry standards. At the heart of our commitment to healthier living is our revolutionary MCI™ technology, a groundbreaking solution that earned the prestigious HM Innovative Award at the 2014 International ASHRAE Convention.

This accolade recognizes the unique characteristics and unparalleled effectiveness of our technology in neutralizing or destroying airborne and surface contaminants. Our MCI™ technology ensures cleaner air and surfaces in every indoor setting.