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Air Quality Testing Birmingham AL

If needed, Pure Maintenance in Birmingham AL provides air quality testing, tape testing, and ERMI testing to determine where the mold is in your home.

  1. Air quality testing is the most common form of testing in the industry, and usually requires a 75 lite air sample from inside the building that is pulled through a small filter.
  2. Tape tests are good for determining the type of mold if you can visually see mold growth in your home.
  3. ERMI testing is the most accurate testing available, but also the most expensive. These tests are taken by pulling mold and dust from a carpet with a vacuum and filter system.

Each test will be run through an independent third party lab, and an analysis and report will be returned to the homeowner to help determine the best course of action.

A photograph of an air filtration unit mounted on a wall.

customer testimonials

We had to evacuate the house because we were all sick. Additionally, we got a $15,000 bid from the previous remediation company, which was more than our insurance would cover. I can't thank them enough for giving me a safe home to live in again. And at only a fraction of the cost with a much, much better treatment service!!

Jessica Grande

They did an excellent job removing the mold from our home. Their process and technology is the best I have found in all my research on mold Remediation. By far the cheapest and most efficient method I have found. They took our mold count form 13,000 to less than 100, in a matter of hours. the moldy smell was gone immediately. I loved my experience.

Jessica Grande

They came on time, performed the service, and killed my mold. They were less than half of what the other mold remediation companies quoted me and I didn't have to rebuild. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Ethan Johns

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Mold, mycotoxins and mVOCs are all microscopic toxins which are airborne contaminants that are harmful to human health and can often be present in the home. Find out how clean your air is and book in your air test today. All air samples are sent off to a third-party, accredited lab for analysis.