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The future of mold remediation is here. The #1 mold remediation company In Birmingham, Alabama - 100% guaranteed results
A clean, mold-free home
Mold Remediation

Pure Maintenance Alabama

What we do. A brief outline of our patented, innovative mold remediation process. No tear-outs, no toxic chemicals, just the fast, comprehensive removal of any mold in your home and prevention of its return.

We eradicate all mold

Our patented dry fog forces our sterilant, InstaPURE, into such a small molecular size, it can't condense. This means it bounces from surfaces and attacks surface & airborne mold. We create positive air pressure until the sterilant fills the entire volume of a room. This means the InstaPURE dwells on and in everything, eradicating all mold.

we stop it coming back

Once we've rendered all the mold on your surfaces and in your airspaces inert, we then lay an antimicrobial film, EverPURE, down on all your surfaces. The EverPURE forms a covalent bond wherever it lands and, once there, electrostatically attracts any new mold spores to it, whereupon it destroys them on impact with microscopic carbon spikes.

Independent Proof

We're a global brand with thousands of satisfied customers. Our industry-leading technology won't be found anywhere else. To offer further peace of mind, we take air samples before and after treatment and have them evaluated by a third-party, accredited laboratory who will provide proof of the success of our treatment.


our patented technology

It's important to understand that not all mold remediation fogging technology is created equal. Pure Maintenance's dry fog technology is patented and you won't find it anywhere else.

A vectorised illustration of Pure Maintenance's patented dry fog at a microscopic level.

Dry Fog

(Our Patented Technology)

The tiny particles penetrate porous materials and rebound from surfaces creating a dry vapor. The vapor creates an inhabitable environment that mold, bacteria, cannot survive.

A vectorised graphic of wet fog, or ultra-low volume fogging, at a microscopic level.

Wet Fog Or Mist

(Other Technology)

Large wet droplets burst, causing surfaces to become wet. The larger particle size also leaves gaps in molecular coverage. Resulting in poor coverage and a residue left on surfaces.

Dry Fog Technology

It's what sets Pure Maintenance apart from the competition. Instead of sledge hammers and axes slamming into your mold infested walls, tiny particles of a dry fog fill the capacity of your home or office, destroyng ALL mold cells in its path. Our patented micron particle is so small that it continues to bounce around the room for several minutes before finally dissipating. The best part about developing such a particle, is that it gets nothing in your home or office wet.

the future of mold remediation

is here
Mold remediation in Birmingham, AL has never been easier. Black mold can be an endless nightmare. It poses serious health risks and devalues your property. In the past, removing black mold usually meant and expensive tear-out and rebuild that takes weeks. Now we can eliminate your mold issues in just hours with our patented demolition-free, dry fogging process. This mold Remediation process is faster, easier, and more affordable than any other solution out in The Birmingham, Alabama area!
process breakdown

what's in the fog?

Whilst there's more to the treatment that just the fogging, the two stages of fogging are at the core of our treatment. Below we explain how each stage works.

1st Step: InstaPURE Process

The first of Pure Maintenance two-step process is a fog called, InstaPURE. InstaPURE is a powerful disinfectant that recognizes mold spores throughout your home and destroys them. By turning the mold spore into inert matter, your family can breathe a healthy sigh of relief knowing that the mold in your home is gone. InstaPURE is such a strong disinfectant, it will disinfect any surface it touches. InstaPURE is also used in hospitals, daycares, gyms, and cars.

A mold remediation technician treating a home suffering from mold.
Mold remediation technicians treating surfaces with EverPURE - post-treatment - to prevent mold from returning.

2nd Step: EverPURE Process

EverPURE is the second application in the Pure Maintenance mold remediation system. InstaPURE can disinfect virtually any home, office, or other building but what happens when new bacteria and viruses enter the premises? EverPURE is the answer! EverPURE provides an EPA verified 90 days of protection once it is applied. This anti-microbial leaves no residue but sits on your keyboard, door knobs, and every other surface of your home waiting for the next bacteria or virus looking for a place to land. When any bacteria or viruses tries to land on a surface of your home EverPURE destroys the cell on contact.

The chemicals used in the instaPURE and EverPURE treatment stages Are Non-toxic and are EPA Registered in all 50 states.

A graphic displaying the word InstaPURE, our mold killing sterilant, in a star shape animation.
A graphic of EverPURE, our antimicrobial film that stops mold growth from recurring, overlaying a vectorized graphic of EverPURE at a molecular level.

why choose demolition free mold remediation?

More Effective

Using patented dry fog technology, we can fill up the entire volume of space within a building with an EPA approved sterilant that removes bacteria, virus and mold from surfaces and denatures spores that are airborne, in furniture, fabrics, in the air ducts and behind walls. The process is so effective, we guarantee our results. The air in your home will be safer and healthier than the air outside by the time we are done.

More Affordable

We can do jobs faster and without the unnecessary costs of replacing walls and carpet. This savings is transferred to you, the customer. Pure Maintenance provides free inspections and estimates.


Old remediation methods can take weeks to get mold levels back to satisfactory levels in a single room, not to mention the rest of the home. Once that process is over, you begin the painstaking labor of rebuilding everything that was torn out. With dry fog technology the entire problem from start to finish can be taken care of as fast as 4 hours.

less invasive

Instead of quarantining off a section of your house and having contractors walking in and out for weeks. We will simply back our vehicle up, bring a few small nozzles in to the home or office, and 4 hours later your space will be free of any harmful mold or pathogens.

Your mold problem. Solved. 1 day Mold remediation

Our patented, non-toxic dry fog technology will eradicate visible, hidden and airborne mold. Your house will be your home once again. Hit the button below and request a quote for our mold remediation services and we'll remove the problem and stop it from coming back.